The OPPO Reno5 set to arrive in Malaysia on January 2021 with AI Highlight Video as an industry leading feature

  • Capture every moment with the highest quality


KUALA LUMPUR, 29th December 2020 —OPPO Reno5 camera will be available in Malaysia as soon as January 2021 and the first to feature AI Highlight Video, for superior video quality capturing. AI Highlight Video is an industry leading feature that significantly enhances video quality to be clearer, brighter, and more natural no matter whether dim light or backlit scenes. This feature uses AI algorithms to detect light conditions and automatically apply the appropriate filters based on different scenarios, producing stunning quality videos.



In dim light setting, it uses Ultra Night Video Algorithm to optimize video quality, ensuring that even nighttime shots look bright, sharp, and natural. When detecting backlit scenes, it uses the Live HDR Algorithm to capture perfectly exposed subjects and backgrounds with natural colors and fine details. Furthermore, AI Highlight Video also provides dedicated optimization to portraits when detecting human subjects. This feature is available on both front and rear camera, OPPO provide users with a simple way to take video with high quality.




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