Ollie Tips 12 - Keep Phone Battery Healthy

[Ollie's Tips]

Hi,O-fans! Most of us charge our phone once a day or even several times a day. So, how to keep your phone battery "healthy" when you are charging your phone?

1. Use ORIGINAL charging device. The quality of charger is very important. Some of the cheap charger couldn't provide stable voltage to charge your phone. It will harm your phone and reduce your battery life. So, use original charger or authorized third party device.

2. Keep Powerbank as a emergency battery charger only. Some of the Powerbank couldn't provide stable voltage too. So, don't make your Powerbank as a constant charger. Keep it for emergency use only.

3. Try not to charge with computer USB port too often. Computer USB port usually provide only 5V,0.5A, it's not enough for most of the phone. So, it not just charge your phone very slow, but also couldn't provide a stable votage for your phone.

4. Better CHARGE your phone when your battery power are around 20%, DON'T wait until your phone is almost run off power. It will harm your battery and components.