OPPO Reno Festive Night Run 2019 - Connecting With the Youth in Malaysia This Holiday Season



OPPO recently held their first very OPPO Reno Festive Night Run on 21/12/2019 that showcased all aspects that OPPO has ears to the ground and is always listening to user needs and understanding a healthy lifestyle is part of the key aspects of OPPO Malaysia.

Launched earlier this year in Malaysia, the OPPO Reno series introduced a fresh breath of creativity and vision for today’s fast paced generation.

OPPO devotes its attention to understanding the youth in Malaysia, like the spirit of Reno, they live a healthy and dynamic lifestyle and are always up for new challenges. This marathon by OPPO is a way to build a strong relationship and connect with them, as Reno users are young and energetic.

Held at KL Sports City, Bukit Jalil, the OPPO Reno Festive Night Run saw an overall participation of over 2,500 people, who came from diverse backgrounds to join the first ever marathon organized by the smartphone brand.

Not a regular marathon, the OPPO Festive Run was a cacophony of music, lights and good times. The run included two separate events, a 5km fun run and a 10km open run, catered to fit different fitness levels.

Irrespective to the run, participants were treated to live DJ music, food trucks serving delicious local fare and rest stations with wi-fi and gorgeous Christmas themed backdrops in case you felt like getting creative with your OPPO Reno. Well suited to the festive vibe, the OPPO Reno Festive Run also featured a staged snow fall experience, transporting participants to a make-believe Winter Wonderland.


December is the season to be jolly and what better way to celebrate it than connecting with other fellow Malaysians especially the youth of today. OPPO Reno embodies – creativity, passion, glamour and connectivity. And the magic of snowfall in Malaysia! Through this marathon, OPPO hopes to initiate conversation amongst the participants, giving them an opportunity to get to know each other better and bring forward the spirit of togetherness!”


Malaysian celebrities and influencers join the festive run to boost morale of the participants

Adding a touch of glamour to the OPPO Reno Festive Run were local celebrities and KOLs Jack Huah, Ben Amir, Ikmal Amry and Tong-Tong who commended OPPO for organising a creative festive night run that promoted fitness while ensuring that participants got their dose of festive fun.  

“This is my first time joining OPPO Reno Night Run and I am excited to be here and finish the race. My favourite part was running through the hills. It was a very calming and peaceful experience as a city boy.

Although this has been a great year for me, I am greatful to be able to spend my time with OPPO, participating in the run as I enjoy activities that promote health and hopefully I will be able to run with OPPO again next year.”  
- Ben Amir

Participants' Thoughts

OPPO is one of the leading smartphone brand in Malaysia, and I am impressed that in Malaysia there are increasing number of industries that are becoming more aware and concern about health & wellness especially bringing youth together.

- Athlete, Lee Wen Jun, Malaysian representative(Individual Triathlon) in Seagame 2019

As an Athlete and coach, i decided to join the OPPO Reno marathon because when I heard about this event, I liked the concept and the young spirit of Reno. Challenging the youth to achieve and imagine further is what I believe in and I too want to inspire the youths as an Athlete to take on challenges and prioritize health. I want to bring not just awareness but to emphasize the importance of taking action. 

- Athlete, Sheikh Ali

‘’It is very unusual to see a smartphone brand link to a sports event but OPPO did it and I am very amazed and this event is really interactive especially with all the festive decorations. Because I am a casual runner, but I have stopped for awhile due to being lazy. But this time thanks to OPPO it pulled me back into running, to a new me to challenge myself for the coming 2020. What I like about the event is the energy, the vibe and I get to run with Ben Amir and the festive decoration this Christmas.’’

Joshua, Media from Technave

I know that this is the first smartphone brand to hold a Marathon in Malaysia, and as a OPPO fan I am very proud and excited. Reaching out to the youth today and bringing us together as a community to be part of a dynamic event truly says that OPPO cares for their users and encourages us to challenge ourselves to achieve personal goals just before the year ends. 

- O-Fans, Lee Fong Yeen from Kelantan

Grand Prizes

Not the one to limit themselves to just music and merrymaking, over 2,500 participants also won up to RM 27,000 worth of prizes.

The winner of the men’s category, James Karanja in an interview said ‘’ I am very excited to have won first place, it has been a dream of mine and thanks to OPPO Reno for making it happen. And I would like to challenge myself further in the next OPPO marathon. I was very excited to join this event and I am glad to have been a part of it. ‘’

Merci Mwangi who also came in first under the women’s category said ‘’ I am very happy to have won first place and have been training very hard and challenging myself everyday  since OPPO announced the marathon. OPPO has given me a chance to also meet new people and push myself further to achieve my goals before the year ends and I want to thank OPPO Reno for this opportunity. ‘’

Attractive lucky draw prizes include handy travel pieces from our official smarthome partner Ai Home, sponsoring Cowa Robot Suitcase RM 3,000 and LED Bagpack worth RM 499, Coros Sport watches worth up to RM 1,499 as our official smart watch partners, and RM600 worth of cash vouchers by official e-commerce partner Shopee.