OPPO Reno Series is Coming to Malaysia: Designed for the Creativity in You

Get ready to be inspired!

KUALA LUMPUR, 3rd May 2019 OPPO, a global leading smartphone brand, is bringing a new wave of inspiration and creativity to Malaysia with their latest – OPPO Reno. Launching soon in the local market, the all new OPPO Reno series is designed with a cutting-edge technology, exceptional mobile photography, and a unique design aesthetic, perfect to bring out creativity in you.

Reno is the new product series that inspires creativity

OPPO’s new Reno product series boasts a brand-new product concept, design philosophy, and communication model. It’s tailor-made for creators who are dream chasers and those who express themselves to create new trends. Reno will empower users with its stylish appearance and innovative design. Using Reno, creative creators who view life from a unique perspective can fuel their artistic inspiration, and create style of their own.

There is a different Reno for every user

Reno gives free rein to users’ imagination, giving them the power to break creative barriers. No-one defines this new series, but rather everyone will have their own unique Reno experience.

Reconstructing the OPPO Visual Identity

OPPO has always focused the beauty of technology hence this time OPPO has changed a new logotype, color system and visual layout system, as well as the custom typeface, OPPO Sans™, rendered in Chinese, Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. The new logotype shows the brand’s heritage through its extended letter forms and is optimized to meet mass manufacturing needs. It also establishes a clear and contemporary presence allowing it to complement OPPO’s vast and ongoing products range. The development of OPPO Sans™ is a significant undertaking that shows OPPO’s care for quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness in every detail.

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Stay tuned for more updates of the OPPO Reno series coming your way soon.

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